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Here you will find the success stories of the numerous people just like YOU that Daniel and his Team have helped transform and reach their goals. With a team like Premier Fitness right by your side, anything is possible...

Daniel Stevens

  • Yes, even the owner of Premier has a transformation story. 60 lbs. of muscle in a 5 year span. And even two years before the picture on the left was taken, there was a 20 lbs. difference. So that's over 80 lbs. in 7 years! At Premier, not only can we make the scale go down, but also up!

Claudia Fijal (Stevens)

Age - 27
12% body fat down in only 3 months! "So this is totally something I've been debating for MONTHS to post because this is ultra embarrassing and personal. But I decided to because I know that personally I have seen tons of inspirational posts on the internet that got my butt up and moving when the gym was the last place I wanted to be. I have never had the butt that us girls dream of, tight and perky. All through grade school I was made fun of for not having an ass, and that insecurity has lasted me through adulthood. It's no surprise that Daniel Stevens and I are dating, but he has also been my trainer and coach and brought me from the photo you see on the left to the photo on the right. It is SO crucial to not only have a trainer that is extremely knowledgable in both workouts and nutrition, but someone who will always be there at the end of the day with advice and encouragement, and I'm so thankful for him for that. Just FYI- when we first started training, we did all my workouts and meal plans online, so YOU TOO can work with Daniel Stevens and create the body you want, just shoot him a message. :) share your success story with me and let me know if you'd like to see the before and after photos of the front side of my body! I too have faith in you!"










Age - 23
How motivating is this?! Premier Fitness member Brittni has lost over 70 pounds working with Daniel Stevens. Through the development of a healthy lifestyle, she has completely transformed! Keep up the amazing work, Brittni! Team Premier is so proud of you!


Age - 20
15 lbs. down, 9% body fat shredded off in less than 2 months! Not to mention all the muscle she's now constructed! "One year ago I was able to have a life changing experience thanks to Daniel Stevens and Premier Fitness. Words can't explain the excitement of my very first competition and for me to get first call outs and place 7th out of 16 is AMAZING in my mind!! I couldn't thank Daniel Stevens enough for the time he has/will put into me for past and future competitions!"



Age - 27
Talk about a Premier transformation! Check out our client Chrissy. Owner Daniel Stevens has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years.
He says, "Every time I see a person reinvent their life and not only become a competitor, but develop a healthier lifestyle, I applaud. It takes a lot and Chrissy is a true champion. I've handled her nutrition and my wife, Claudia has aided in her training and we are both beyond proud!" Bravo Chrissy!



Age - 45
Tammy's story is an amazing one. She was Daniel Stevens' first client almost 10 years ago! Together, they lost almost 60 lbs. together over the course of their first year! As time went along, life got in the way and Tammy struggled to keep the weight off. Fast forward to 2014, Tammy is back down almost 70 lbs. in 9 months and will be doing her first bodybuilding comeptition (as women's physique) in November 2014!


Age - 24
Have you seen Dan's client Arielle? This girl is down almost 30 lbs in less than 3 months! Talk about progress! Cheer her on all the way to the stage!


Age - 22

James Swanson

Age - 19

Brandon Janczak


Age - 21
16 weeks later and boom! From 225 lbs. down to 190 lbs. and ripped! Great job B!


Kyle York

Age - 25
Almost 30 lbs. down in 12 weeks! Daniel would like to congratulate his client and friend Kyle York for his accomplishments in his first bodybuilding competition! Two 4th places in both the novice and open divisions! Daniel and everyone at Premier is very proud of him and looking forward to seeing him develop his future in this sport!


36 years old mother of 3